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How can you Help us?

Donate whatever you can afford, this will enable us to continue & expand our valued charitable work.

  • Welcome to the

    Food & Blood Foundation

    We aim to reduce malnutricion amongst children
    by distributing food & diet charts

  • We provide donated

    articles for life

    Such as food, clothing, books & medicines
    to the poor & victims of natural disasters

  • Helping orphans

    widows & indigent persons

    We give relief to the poor
    and the distressed in their own villages

  • Promoting Blood Donations

    distribute food to donors

    We arrange regular centres for
    people to donate blood

  • Uplift basic health standards

    of poor people

    Providing free medical advice
    distributing medicines free of
    cost and organizing free medical camps

  • Covid 19 Vaccinations

    To local communities

    Trained staff giving injections to villagers
    Saving countless lives against this deadly virus.

Our Wish List

The following items are on our wish list, we need you to help us purchase them so that we can provide better services to the people we support.

Raised: ₹0Goal: 5 Laks
We need our
own transport

A lorry or van will enable us to reduce our operational costs. Corporate Company support can make this happen!

Raised: ₹0Goal: ₹68,000
Office Laptop
for F&B Admin

We need a laptop to help us run F&B more effectively, it will also be used for showing movies to children every week.

Raised: ₹0Goal: ₹49,000
For movies

Having a projector will enable us to show the latest movies to children as well as being proficient with presentations.

Raised: ₹0Goal: ₹4,000
Our own
Kitchen Equipment

Right now we have to hire kitchen items to cook and serve food (pots and pans), we need to buy these items.

Raised: ₹0Goal: ₹850
White Board/Pens
For Education

To enable us to educate more people we need whiteboards and pens, give us money to expand our education programs.

Raised: ₹0Goal: ₹16,000
Tables for
Food Service

Each day we have to hire tables for food service, having our own tables will reduce our weekly outgoings. Cost each ₹4,000

Our Charitable causes

We need your help to support what we do

Raise funds
for Healthy Food

Your donation will help us feed poor people in their own villages

Help us to buy
medicines & masks

Each day we give free covid vaccinations, masks, vitamins & medicines to the poor

Blood donation
centres in India

Help us to expand our blood donation locations across India.

Our Volunteers

Being a person I want to serve people who are in need it's Human ethics!
Food and Blood is a hope for a sapling to raise and make into a tree, Sapling is a good thought, Tree is the excution of service.
Being blessed by lord , I am able to help. So, Being part in our shadow makes me brighter to the consequences of the world.
I need to thank our founder Mr.Vajrala sir for giving chance to share a step with them.
P. Sushma Sri

Two years ago , my Uncle was hospitalised, at that time we need 5 units of blood per day
My friends helped me to some extent, but still per day 5 units were needed, is a million dollar question to me, with the help of Vajrala anna, It was fulfilled for many days. I really thank you Vajrala sir for supporting, helping me to prepare for exams and even took my place in my home and served us.
This is the only reason, as I know the value bleed, I serve the people not to wound them. Thank you very much anna💐
Kundum Veera Venkata Nithin Kumar

Mr. Vajrala Venkatesh

Founder & Chairman of F&B

Ch Praveen

F&B Treasurer

Siva kishore

F&B Digital Support

Bobbili Surya

F&B Member

P Praveen Kumar

F&B Member

P. Sushma Sri

F&B Member

K. Nithin

F&B Member


F&B Member

Shaik Rasool

F&B Member

Bora indeep raja babu

F&B Member

Kothala Ramu

F&B Member

K Durga Chiranjeevi

F&B Member

Yerra santhosh Kumar

F&B Member

V Rakesh

F&B Member

A. Srinivas

F&B Member

V Lilly Rani

F&B Member

B Mounika

F&B Member

Lets make the
world better together

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